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heteronym n : two words are heteronyms if they are spelled the same way but differ in pronunciation (e.g. `bow')

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  • /ˈhɛtərənɪm/


  1. A word having the same spelling as another, but a different pronunciation and meaning.

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I stood with my mouth agape as the preacher taught about agape love. The bass singer caught the biggest bass. The maestro's bow tie fell off as he took a bow, meanwhile, 12 miles away at the lake, Jane dove from the bow of the rowboat. It is an abuse of the system to abuse your privileges. The restaurant's tantalizing buffet was enough to buffet my resolve to diet. Always stand close to the door when it is time to close the store. If you addict yourself to drugs, you will be classed as an addict. I strongly advocate that you seek out a suitable advocate for your situation. Along with my affiliate Bryce, I am vowing never to affiliate with criminals. In a home for the aged it is not advisable to serve aged cheese. Bronze is a metal alloy. One should not alloy bleach with window cleaner. The reserve soldier decided to ally themselves with the ally, thus making a stronger army. If you take the alternate route you will need to alternate drivers. Please consider the approximate value of the care when you approximate the cost of repairs. We can attribute the winning of the game to John's speed, which truly is his best attribute. We had a blessed time at your home; we were blessed by your hospitality. You can buy a special cement that will cement those broken pieces together. My Grandpa uses a combine to harvest his wheat. If you combine two apples and one orange, what will you get? With the combined efforts of the neighbours, the entire crop was combined. The outburst would compound the emotions of the residents of the compound. The powder in my compact has become too compact. My beer cozy keeps my hands warm and cozy. The president must lead the country by enforcing laws and regulations concerning products containing lead. A farmer may feed a sow in the morning and sow a field in the afternoon.
The Polish maid was assigned to polish the silver. (This is also a capitonym.)
It is rainier on the slopes of Mt. Rainier. (Another capitonym)
The soldier decided to desert his post by running into the desert.
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